10/19/2016 7:35:13 PM

List all of the users in a SQL Server and their associated roles.

DECLARE @DB_Users TABLE (DBName sysname, UserName sysname, LoginType sysname, AssociatedRole varchar(max),create_date datetime,modify_date datetime) INSERT @DB_Users EXEC sp_MSforeachdb ' use [?] SELECT ''?'' AS DB_Name, case prin.name when ''dbo'' then prin.name + '' (''+ (select SUSER_SNAME(owner_sid) from master.sys.databases where name =''?'') + '')'' else prin.name end AS UserName, prin.type_desc AS LoginType, isnull(USER_NAME(mem.role_principal_id),'''') AS AssociatedRole ,create_date,modify_date FROM sys.database_principals prin LEFT OUTER JOIN sys.database_role_members mem ON prin.principal_id=mem.member_principal_id WHERE prin.sid IS NOT NULL and prin.sid NOT IN (0x00) and prin.is_fixed_role <> 1 AND prin.name NOT LIKE ''##%''' SELECT dbname,username ,logintype ,create_date ,modify_date , STUFF( ( SELECT ',' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(500),associatedrole) FROM @DB_Users user2 WHERE user1.DBName=user2.DBName AND user1.UserName=user2.UserName FOR XML PATH('') ) ,1,1,'') AS Permissions_user FROM @DB_Users user1 WHERE logintype = 'SQL_USER' GROUP BY dbname,username ,logintype ,create_date ,modify_date ORDER BY create_date, DBName,username