2/19/2024 9:02:24 PM

Below is a Azure pipeline YML file to deploy a .NET Windows function to an Azure .NET Windows function.

# Starter pipeline # Start with a minimal pipeline that you can customize to build and deploy your code. # Add steps that build, run tests, deploy, and more: # https://aka.ms/yaml trigger: - main pool: vmImage: windows-latest steps: - script: echo Hello, world! displayName: 'Run a one-line script' - task: DotNetCoreCLI@2 inputs: command: publish arguments: '--configuration Release' projects: '**/MyProjectName.csproj' publishWebProjects: false modifyOutputPath: false zipAfterPublish: true - task: AzureFunctionApp@2 inputs: connectedServiceNameARM: 'Azure subscription 1(00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000)' appType: 'functionApp' appName: 'my-function-name' package: '$(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)/**/*.zip' deploymentMethod: 'auto'