8/19/2014 11:05:51 PM
Installing Git on Ubuntu

apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev libexpat1-dev gettext
apt-get install git

Command Lines
	List config settings
		git config --list
	Get config
		git config user.name
	Set Name
		git config --global user.name "YOUR NAME"
	Set Email
		git config --global user.email "YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS"
	Initialize Current Directory
		git init
	Add files/stage files
		git add
		git add *.txt
		git add "this file.html"
		Add all untracked and changed files, excluding ignored files
			git add *
		To add deleted files and stage all tracked modified files
			git add -u
		Add ignored file
			git add -f filename.txt
		Remove currently tracked file
			git rm --cached file
		git status
		git diff
		git commit
		git commit -m "I Made a Commit"
		*if you are using VI
			to edit doc
			to finish editing
			to save
		-get current branch hash
			git rev-parse --short HEAD
		-revert to previous hash

		git clone https://github.com/[me]/Testing.git
		git clone https://github.com/[me]/Testing.git "My Alternate Name"
		git push
		Update Remote (GitHub)
			git push origin
		- Push new branch to origin	
			git push -u origin master
			git push -u origin devBranch
	Push Unclones Repo to Remote Server
		git remote add origin <server>
		List Branches
			git branch
		Create a Branch
			git branch dev
		Checkout a branch
			git checkout dev
			git checkout master
		git branch -a
		get new branchs
			git fetch
		Delete a Local Branch
			git branch -d the_local_branch
		* tags cannot have spaces
		List Tags
			git tag
		List Tags by filter
			git tag -l 1.*			
		Created Annotated Tags
			git tag -a v1.0 -m 'the beginning'
		Share Tags (tags are not automatically pushed)
			git push origin v1.0
		Push all unshared tags
			git push origin --tags
		rebase a branch to master, checkout branch you want to rebase to
			git checkout dev
			git rebase master
	Reset / Revert / Rollback
		rollback current branch to last commit
			git reset --hard
	Change Origin Url
		git remote set-url origin https://username@bitbucket.org/username/myrepo.git
	Merge with Remote Repo
		git remote add 3rdparty-repo <remote_repo_url.git>
		git fetch 3rdparty-repo
		checkout/create new branch to merge their changes to
			git checkout my_branch
		Merge their changes in (assuming they did their work on the master branch)
			git merge 3rdparty-repo/master
Windows Git Bash
	Change to C drive
		cd c:		
	Open Current Directory in Explorer
		explorer .Set Name
	Store Username/Password
		git config --global credential.helper wincred