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Bower Reminders (init, bowerrc, install, update, search, uninstall)

8/31/2017 9:44:17 PM by: CodeLocker
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create init file
	bower init
set download directory in the bowerrc file
	  "directory": "builds/lib"

install something
	bower install git://
	bower install jquery
download specific version of something
	in bower.json
		"jquery": "~1.10.2"
		"jquery": "2.x.x"
	in bower
		bower install jquery#3.1.1
		bower install jquery#1.10.2
	set dependencies
	remove spaces from the "name" field
install eerything in the bower.josn file
	bower install

bower search
	bower search jquery
	update all
		bower update
	update individual package
		bower update jquery

	bower uninstall jquery
view all versions of a package
	bower info jquery
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